Ada yang tak terungkap bila tanpa bertemu tatap

Resah yang mengendap bukanlah tiada sebab

Rindu yang dendam, hasrat yang pendam

Harap yang tinggal pendar pada dua jiwa yang pencar dan tercecar

Genggam yang tersisa untuk binasa 

Sebelum kalah demi teruskan langkah

Killer – pt. 1

He doesn’t usually put his armors on. Times like these do not usually occur in any given days of his life. He wants to take it easy, as easy as it all can get. 
But this time something just pulls him and pushes him around, forcing him to build fences and fortress and though he really hates war, he feels like he has to be prepared for the killing. 
Tomorrow used to be a bright day in his mind, and yesterday was as easy as a breeze to get by. Never in his life ever he clings to the past. But something keeps on ringing in his head. Something asks him if he really would go for the killing out there. No one is supposed to die, no one has to lose and no one has to hurt or be hurt if the battle never began. But no matter how the wizards or the birds or the intelligence agents telling him that he can win, still he hates to see anybody loses. Winning is never an option if he has to make anybody suffers. 
Because the only thing that he wants to kill is only time itself.
Andreas Arianto