The Luckiest Person on Earth

The last tear we cry for someone is never the easiest one. There may be regret but there also may be hope because the new day always brings more possibilities to improve our previous ones. 
A wise man once said, that it is better to have more life in our years than to merely have more years in our lives. Holding onto this wisdom, I am grateful to know that years are not wasted and tears have relieved every drop of sorrow and pain from the past. 
Love and kindness are being shown, shared, and given to us in various ways, as many as the number of souls we can possibly remember to have met and recognize during our lifetime. Acknowledgement of one’s good intention to us enables us to separate the action from the person. Therefore it will make it easier to consider oneself lucky. 
The luckiest persons on earth are those who feel inspired to give more than they receive. Count our blessings. It still holds true as a simple recipe for a life full of happiness and positivity, free from fear and hatred, free from dismay and distress. 
May we all have fun enjoying all our struggles and succeeding in creating little happiness day on, day off, in our every step of the way.
Salaam, Shalom, Namaskar, let there be peace in us, let there be peace unto us. 



The ones we thought we’d never get ourselves bored of,

The ones we at times hate ourselves for,

But are also the reasons we get excited waking up each morning for, stay up late for, the reasons we eagerly hold our heads up high for.

Some would lie and some would be true to stay in the game,

Some would try harder but some would give in.

Yet nothing is as powerful to change someone’s destiny as the game itself.

For no matter what games you play in life, they know you better than you do.

Because what every game can give you,

is only a possibility between

winning or learning