Music took me to places and faces familiar and anew, keep me finding joy and sorrow as inseparable parts of the journey.

It has been a year of bold and crazy decisions I never knew I am capable of, a time when I learned so much more about my own anxiety when I made new acquaintances and lost important ones along the way, both physically and mentally.

I might not become the best of friend for so many people this year, and I might not seem to really care if I could be one. I remember all the kindness I’ve received, and I’m grateful for all that.

But the most important lesson of 2018 is that I stopped forcing the others to walk alongside me, and I stopped myself trying to convince anyone of my own importance. I am not important and nobody owes me their kindness, and I am the most responsible for my own well being. I own my mistakes and I am willing to get up again to face all the consequences I might have been running away from.

So when we look forward to greet the new year, we are also saying goodbye to the ups and downs that made us who we are today. Hopefully I can still learn to give more than I receive in the following year.

Thank you families and friends, I hope you enjoy the spectacle so far



The ones we thought we’d never get ourselves bored of,

The ones we at times hate ourselves for,

But are also the reasons we get excited waking up each morning for, stay up late for, the reasons we eagerly hold our heads up high for.

Some would lie and some would be true to stay in the game,

Some would try harder but some would give in.

Yet nothing is as powerful to change someone’s destiny as the game itself.

For no matter what games you play in life, they know you better than you do.

Because what every game can give you,

is only a possibility between

winning or learning