Tortured Souls

We are all but tortured souls

Finding each other through an invisible but immediate thread

A string that inevitably connects us all

A kind of fabric that is much longer than the diameter of this planet

Enables us to hear and heal each other,

to touch and listen to one another’s hearts,

to see the world through more than seven billion prisms,

unifies us as a single organism,

breathing in and breathing out

contributing ourselves to every single Joule we consume and produce

as we travel through space

driven by a bizarre force,

a balance and counterbalance in the universe

that pushes and pulls us towards each other,

splashing gravitational waves that transmits through time

makes us believe that our stories would last forever

even long after we’re gone

to connect us through the exact same invisible thread

through infinite pages of tales long to be told

about how different we all are

yet how similar we all are:

Nothing but tortured souls

June 5, 2016


Their Stories

“Who she ever loved, 
who she ever touched,
what she ever feel inside, 
and who’s the one that she’s been dreaming of,
why’d she ever doubt the person that she’s thinking of?
There’s a story about this girl I wish I knew”

It was an excerpt from a song I wrote in 2006, “This Girl”. I think it might have been influenced by the words of John Mayer’s “Daughters” and it will still hold true now and then. 

We never really know what is on the mind of our closest person(s), no matter how they act in front of us. I don’t really know myself either, so how do I know what is inside the others? But to question is better than to take anything for granted. Our questions may lead us to a better tomorrow because our minds are actually hungry for the bigger truth about ourselves and the world around us.

Until now, writing still helps me to adjust my own perspectives. At times it finds me answers, but more often it brings bigger questions while I keep trying to hold my own sanity. There’s always more stories about life, waiting to be heard and to be told. These are the stories that I always wish to know.

Feb 1, 2014