Pain makes us human, that’s why many of us get so addicted to it, including myself. Sometimes we’re so addicted to it that we want to believe we don’t deserve happiness.

We fall in and out of love, our path may cross with people, sometimes they stay but more often their paths lead to different directions.

There are times when we convince ourselves that things were not the way we wanted because of our fault. There are also times when we couldn’t help but put the blame on others.

But no matter what, the earth still revolves around the sun, and the sun revolves around the black hole at the center of the milky way. Stars and planets collide and explode all the time, but still new galaxies are being born everyday somewhere in the universe.

In our irrelevancies, we want to feel that our lives matter to those we love. In fact it matters. Our hopes and dreams are what keeping us alive. And when we’re gone, hopefully we’d die happy, knowing that we did our best so far.

Good night and may we all live a good life, a meaningful one 🙂


Love in Here

We just did another soul cleansing session last night, working on a new theme song for a product. We suggested that we would not do hard selling with the song. Instead we use references from childhood memories to touch people’s hearts. Hopefully this one works 🙂

Here’s the lyric:

Love in Here

There is a story that I used to hear
There is a fragment in my memory
That we could reach all the stars within our dreams

There was a child that I used to be
Unafraid, he was born to believe
That there’s enough love in the world to give

Love is a special thing, it’s a wonderful place to be.
It is for you and me, it’s even more than just a feeling.
Love is a simple thing, it’s a magical power of will.
It is in you and me, let there be love in here.

If I could just listen to my own heart beat,
All the answer that I want to hear
Is all in here, ’cause there’s only love within.


In time we’ll find just the place where we long to be,
It’s when I find you there


It is for you and me, ’cause there is love in here.