The Luckiest Person on Earth

The last tear we cry for someone is never the easiest one. There may be regret but there also may be hope because the new day always brings more possibilities to improve our previous ones. 
A wise man once said, that it is better to have more life in our years than to merely have more years in our lives. Holding onto this wisdom, I am grateful to know that years are not wasted and tears have relieved every drop of sorrow and pain from the past. 
Love and kindness are being shown, shared, and given to us in various ways, as many as the number of souls we can possibly remember to have met and recognize during our lifetime. Acknowledgement of one’s good intention to us enables us to separate the action from the person. Therefore it will make it easier to consider oneself lucky. 
The luckiest persons on earth are those who feel inspired to give more than they receive. Count our blessings. It still holds true as a simple recipe for a life full of happiness and positivity, free from fear and hatred, free from dismay and distress. 
May we all have fun enjoying all our struggles and succeeding in creating little happiness day on, day off, in our every step of the way.
Salaam, Shalom, Namaskar, let there be peace in us, let there be peace unto us. 


Death and Its Welcoming Hands

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately, but not in a scary or fearful perspective anymore. Life and death belong together, not one exists unattached from the other. Every living being will come to its end as we all have our own lifespan in a dimension called time. And as we begin to understand how to live in the present time, we can live happily, not dwelling too much of the glory or the pain of our past, and neither do we worry too much about the future that has not been. And only when the present time is becoming more precious to us, we are able to grasp every of our own living moments not by holding it too tight but by sincerely accepting everything that happens as it appears. Those are the moments that make us a living being. Those are the things that make us live our lives livelier. 

Unafraid of death, we will appreciate our every second very highly, draw our every breath deeply and more importantly become a happier version of ourselves 🙂
Have a great Sunday!

On Love and Happiness

Not being able to do something for someone we care about does not limit our ability to love. Just to be happy when seeing somebody else happy, or otherwise to symphatize when someone is sad, is already making ourselves more human. That’s why to me, to be human is to love, and to live is to care.

When we can not be with someone, we don’t necessarily cease to love. Quite often our acknowledgement that we can better love someone by not continuing to stand side by side – maybe because of personality issues, or huge difference of preferences in life, etc – can in time enable us to expand the love within our souls. It only become possible once we accept our very own existence, free from all guilt, despair and disappointment. And in what other ways can we really enjoy our coexistence with our fellow Earthlings than to share the positivity? 

Nothing in this world is eternal, not even eternity. But love – as a verb, not only as a feeling – can make a huge difference in each of our journey to the end of our lives, collectively and individually. 

Jan 6, 2015