Wealth can be a burden if we’re too attached to it, unless of course if we choose to see it as a means to make people happy. And that includes ourselves as well 😊

I’m not a very religious person at all, but I am aware that the fear of losing is the root of all misery. Yes, indeed we are living in the world of physical matters, therefore we are bound to all physical and chemical laws with all their consequences. 

So in order not only to survive, hopefully we can live our lives fully by optimizing all our knowledge about how things and society work and use it to raise above the challenges we face in life. At the end of the day, we are searching for happiness. And we can be happier when we can make those dear to us happy without having to pretend to be someone we are not. 

One smile at a time, one kindness at a time, one step closer to build our own paradise on earth. 




I guess I’m getting nearer to the understanding of human psychology and how the world works. I learned so much this week, meeting people from various different backgrounds and found out there are only several types of people with their own tendencies.

I’m at the same time everywhere and nowhere. Becoming both an audience and an actor in the show of humanity makes me appreciate it all so much, and it leaves me nothing but becoming really grateful of what I have up ’till now.

We are here to develop anything that is given to us, and to really try making heaven on earth, wherever we go, whatever we do. And that is what it means to really live.

When I die, I might not leave so many behind for my descendants except a story to inspire them, and I hope it will be a great one.

Good night everyone.

Let’s continue spreading the love!