Death and Its Welcoming Hands

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately, but not in a scary or fearful perspective anymore. Life and death belong together, not one exists unattached from the other. Every living being will come to its end as we all have our own lifespan in a dimension called time. And as we begin to understand how to live in the present time, we can live happily, not dwelling too much of the glory or the pain of our past, and neither do we worry too much about the future that has not been. And only when the present time is becoming more precious to us, we are able to grasp every of our own living moments not by holding it too tight but by sincerely accepting everything that happens as it appears. Those are the moments that make us a living being. Those are the things that make us live our lives livelier. 

Unafraid of death, we will appreciate our every second very highly, draw our every breath deeply and more importantly become a happier version of ourselves 🙂
Have a great Sunday!


Invest Yourself

Invest yourself to something or someone that really deserves your energy and your future 🙂