Finding Home – 1

We are all finding our home, only to find that home is where the heart is. So whatever your heart loves, that is where you belong. Whatever your heart wish, make it come true. None of us is a good liar to our own hearts. 

May your heart be a peaceful place where you belong. Only then we can make it a peaceful place for our loved ones too 🙂



Poem for ” In Peaceful Home”

We may try to force others, to get them think like us
We may try from time to time but we’ll never be just
Differences between us are solid ground
To accept these things is to make ourselves human

There are always new things to be learned
No need to be fearful, and no need to harm
Cause when we let our minds open
The world we live in would feel more warm.

We may be afraid
to forgive, to move on and get along with life
But it’s even harder to be free
If we let ourselves live in the past too long

*i wrote this with @TezaSumendra as part of my song, “In Peaceful Home” where i put these verses at the intro and the ending. The song somehow acts as a tribute to MJ’s humane songs. We are all angels to ourselves and to the ones we love, we are granted the will and the power to make things happen 🙂