Pain makes us human, that’s why many of us get so addicted to it, including myself. Sometimes we’re so addicted to it that we want to believe we don’t deserve happiness.

We fall in and out of love, our path may cross with people, sometimes they stay but more often their paths lead to different directions.

There are times when we convince ourselves that things were not the way we wanted because of our fault. There are also times when we couldn’t help but put the blame on others.

But no matter what, the earth still revolves around the sun, and the sun revolves around the black hole at the center of the milky way. Stars and planets collide and explode all the time, but still new galaxies are being born everyday somewhere in the universe.

In our irrelevancies, we want to feel that our lives matter to those we love. In fact it matters. Our hopes and dreams are what keeping us alive. And when we’re gone, hopefully we’d die happy, knowing that we did our best so far.

Good night and may we all live a good life, a meaningful one 🙂


Tortured Souls

We are all but tortured souls

Finding each other through an invisible but immediate thread

A string that inevitably connects us all

A kind of fabric that is much longer than the diameter of this planet

Enables us to hear and heal each other,

to touch and listen to one another’s hearts,

to see the world through more than seven billion prisms,

unifies us as a single organism,

breathing in and breathing out

contributing ourselves to every single Joule we consume and produce

as we travel through space

driven by a bizarre force,

a balance and counterbalance in the universe

that pushes and pulls us towards each other,

splashing gravitational waves that transmits through time

makes us believe that our stories would last forever

even long after we’re gone

to connect us through the exact same invisible thread

through infinite pages of tales long to be told

about how different we all are

yet how similar we all are:

Nothing but tortured souls

June 5, 2016


Everyday we build ourselves walls to protect us from the outside world, from the unknowns, from uncomfortableness. And as time goes by, we are making ourselves more suspicious with the ones who are able to make us turn our guards down only to let us down as well.

We tried hard not to expect and not to suspect. But once we reflect that we’re here only to reconnect, maybe the less we suffer and also the more people we empower. 

To be able to give is an act of love to one’s self. It remains the hardest lesson nobody could ever teach, even without mentioning the very price needed to be paid for. But when everything is due at least we know we did enough goodness to the universe, as much as what we receive.