A Box of Chocolate

There’s a price to pay for virtually everything. I hope I don’t have to feel alone in this case. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I never wanted to be packed in any certain boxes in life. 

I want to be able to make friends with any kinds of person I meet. Not necessarily only wanting to make everyone happy because it’s impossible, but I always try to understand the reasons why people do what they do, the reasons why we have so many nuances in life.

The more I know about people, the closer I get to the conclusion that everybody (including myself) only wants to feel accepted. At times when I have discussions with people of different values in life, I tend to hide myself behind a mask that is comfortable for them to face with. That is pretty much how we survive up until now, and I’m sure this is what we call social norms. People (again, including myself) only want to hear what we want to hear. That’s why we can be more comfortable around our close friends, they are willing to accept our insanity in a higher tolerance level than anyone else (or at least according to us). 

Belief is a sensitive thing that is so powerful in making one’s life so valuable and meaningful. Social status is of the same importance as well, hence we know of so many different kinds of lifestyles. To break these walls (read: able to communicate well enough with any different kinds of people) can be quite beneficial for us: we can find ourselves in a certain unique position on how to contribute ourselves optimally in our society; we can build more sustainable ecosystem with our surroundings by finding common grounds, mutual destinations, or even common enemies, so that we can function well enough with them.

This anxiety to learn is what moves me personally in doing what I can do best, making music with collaborators. I collect as many information needed by having conversations with them – as deep as they let me to – before I can put the right ingredients, design the suitable arrangement for their needs and make the right decisions in the process. 

The funny thing is that exactly the same anxiety makes me feel so alive yet so much paralyzed. What a paradox! The more I learn about the others is the more I learn about myself and also the more I feel so small among the universe. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I paid the price that at the same time I feel I’m lost. 

So, none of this knowledge can make me feel contented. But if I can find peace in listening to the music of the nature, then I can find peace within me. As my experiences taught me, the more I try to impress is the more I put burden on my shoulders only. Step by step I learn that no matter the amount of years I am given, as long as I touch one person’s heart with sincerity, I will live eternally there. 

One great teacher said that no matter what we achieve in life, without love we gain nothing. It’s the most powerful force in the universe where human life is involved, whether the lack or the abundance thereof. 

Not only life, love is like a box of chocolate as well. It may come in many different shapes and colors. 

But it can still make us feel good 🙂


Tentang andreasarianto
I'm a musician with a point of view, that artists should play their part to help improve the society he or she is involved in. This is just one of the ways to realize my vision in life. --- Andreas Arianto Yanuar belajar Komposisi Musik di Universitas Pelita Harapan Conservatory of Music, lulus pada 2007 dan kemudian mengajar Ensembel Big Band, Orkestrasi dan Sejarah Musik di konservatori tersebut setelahnya. Pada 2009 ia menjadi penata musik dan konduktor Andreas Arianto Orchestra dalam tur konser bersama SLANK ke 6 kota. Ia juga bermain kibor, akordeon dan klarinet dalam grupnya, Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People, yang telah menghasilkan 2 album sejak 2009. Pada 2011 ia menulis aransemen orkestra untuk lagu-lagu rakyat untuk album “The Sounds of Indonesia”, dengan Addie MS sebagai konduktor The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra dalam rekamannya. Sempat pula melatih orkestra komunitas GKI Gading Indah selama 2007-2011, termasuk menghasilkan 3 konser dan 1 album rekaman. Di jangka waktu yang sama, Andreas aktif pula dalam program pengenalan musik untuk siswa-siswa di Manado, Aceh dan Bali bersama Al Izhar Community Choir and Orchestra dalam rangka turut mempromosikan keselarasan dalam pluralitas Indonesia. Semenjak itu pula ia bercita-cita untuk terus melibatkan masyarakat dalam kehidupan musik dan melibatkan musik dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat melalui kegiatannya sehari-hari. Sejak 2011 ia banyak terlibat dalam penulisan musik untuk berbagai album rekaman, film animasi, konser musik, juga termasuk di antaranya terlibat sebagai arranger dan konduktor musik ilustrasi The Raid 2 yang dirilis Maret 2014 yang lalu.

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